...a little bit about Sandie James

 Thanks for looking here! My company, Sandicane Productions, is one which encompasses of all the things I have a passion for and want to do in life. I can't think of a more satisfying line of work where I can bring people together with music and also play a roll to help my community.  I have been singing since I can remember (a gene from my mom) but was very shy until I got to college and found my confidence. I haven't looked back and people can't believe I ever had a problem speaking or singing in public. Here I have a little something about some stuff about me!

Community Events - I often volunteer my voice to sing the National Anthem for local police and fire department functions as well as city events like the 9/11 memorial services. I have also sung for fundraising efforts for veteran services, cancer research, the Special Olympics, dedication ceremonies, sporting events and more, It is always an honor to be asked.  I have also helped out by donating or discounting my DJ and karaoke services for local fundraisers.

Karaoke/DJ -  I love music and singing and have been a karaoke host since it became popular around 1992. I have seen so much change since the beginning on what type of media is used for karaoke (from cassette tape to laser disc to cd+g to MP3) but the one thing that stays constant is the fun that people have when they get together and go out for karaoke. People who are so shy and don't want to come up to sing will try a group song first and then, by the end of the night, they will have 10 solo songs up to sing...I love that! It's amazing to watch their perspective on karaoke change and for me to witness the shift in confidence in a matter of a couple of songs. Not only do they end up having a great time, but the crowd is magically drawn in and they do too! When I started hosting karaoke, I would do private parties (strictly karaoke back in the day) and people would ask if I could play "regular music" too. That's how DJing began for me. I have more cds in my collection than I can count (and carry). Today, I utilize online services to get any and (almost) every song that is requested. I love discovering new artists and music so it's great to get requests for songs I haven't heard before from the crowd. My playlists are extensive and it's amazing! 

Party Planning - I have been coordinating weddings and special occasions for 20+ years and am so honored when I can help share those special milestones in people's lives. I have worked for private clubs coordinating banquets, meetings and events for every occasion from kids to family to corporate. I have seen a lot of creativity over the years and have helped plan events keeping in mind budgets, special requests and overall vision. My mindset is that anything is possible and I have always, and will always, strive to make your occasion exactly as you envision. After all, it is your party.

Live Bands - The first band I sang with was called Circuit Breaker in the 1990's. Wow the hair! We did top 40 which included Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Pat Benatar, Madonna and other artists from that decade. It was so much fun. I have sung with many (many) other bands since then doing music ranging from Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock, Disco, Reggae, Pop, Dance, Today's top 40 and more. If you are looking for a band for your event (or a duo or trio), I can do that! Let me know what kind of music you are looking for so that we can incorporate that into our sets. If you need a particular song(s) played, we can learn them for your occasion. I know an extensive group of musicians and bands so if by chance I can't provide you with what you're looking for, I probably know someone who can!  What's nice about my set up is that I can provide multiple services for the same event. If you are getting married and would like an acoustic guitar and singer for your ceremony then move to a 3 piece for your cocktail hour, full band for when your reception is ready to dance and how about a DJ for when the band is taking their breaks...that's your whole night of music solved. Your focus should be enjoying your guests and your party!

Well, that's my (abridged) Sandicane Productions story!

Thanks for reading!

In the bigger picture, I'm a mom to two boys and two dogs, and they are my heart.